Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Useless?

Lately that has been nagging me. I know God has a plan for me, I just feel like I am useless. I want to make a difference, to share God's love, be like Jesus, but how do I do that? I'm only 15, how am I supposed to make a difference in someone's life? Am I on the right path?

Earlier this year I could really feel why God had put me where I was. At first I really questioned my decision to leave private school and go to public, I didn't know anyone and I went from having 50 kids in my grade to 700ish kids in my grade (that's a little nerve wrecking!) And I'm shy, I really had no clue why I chose public school.

Then it happened.
I was sitting in science class and the kid next to me started talking to me, he was one of the first people to really talk to me, one of my first new friends. He knew I was Catholic because of my bracelet and my dog-tag. About a week later, he asked me about my view on Satan. Obviously, being a Christian I dislike Satan. (Actually, At Baptism and Confirmation I took a vow that says that "I renounce Satan and all his nasty deeds...") I asked him why he was asking me such a strange question and he told me that he was thinking about becoming a satanist. I didn't even know that satanists were real until he said that. I literally didn't know what to say. I was shocked! How could anyone want to worship Satan? Why would anyone want to? It scared me that he would even consider something like that.

That night I went home and cried and prayed to God to help me think of something to do. How am I supposed to deal with something like that? How could I convince him that he was making a HUGE mistake?

A week later he told me that he had made up his mind and he was now satanist. It breaks my heart to think that he could actually do that. But that night, I had a dream, I don't remember the dream but that morning I decided that everyday I was going to tell him that Jesus Loves Him! To me, that was God telling me that I can do something, even if it takes years, he will one day realize that Jesus loves him and is willing to forgive him and bring him back. That helped me to grow stronger in professing my faith. Anyone who knows him, knows that I am christian and that I care about him. And that is my goal in life, to share God's love and be Jesus to others.


  1. Matthew 13 says we plant the seed. You have planted the seed.